Saturday, 9 December 2017

Step 15 in Going Green: Use Your Skills and Talents and Get At It


I stopped writing this blog when I started writing my eco novel (also titled Hill of Greens).

This novel, which is a tragic-comic story about how a group of friends are grappling with our current environmental catastrophes, channeled a lot of my ‘Going Green’ revelations, anxieties and concerns.

So it felt like this blog wasn’t needed anymore


Sometimes things need to be said, quickly, and in less than 90 000 words.

So here it goes: back to the blogging life.

Let’s recap and take a look what’s been happening in the realm of environmentalism since I last wrote.

I’m sure this will be a pleasant stroll through memory lane…


I last wrote here on April 17 2016. Since then, these thing have happened...

Keep in mind, this is a wee sampling, a search through my memory (and google), stuff from my own experience flipping through the news over this time...

  • The Paris Climate Accord was signed on Earth Day 2016
  • Al Gore’s sequel to Inconvenient Truth comes out
  • Lots of places ban plastic bags
  • France even bans plastic cutlery!
  • DT as US president starts  rolling back all kinds of environmental protections
  • In Canada there is resistance to pipelines
  • In US there is resistance to pipelines
  • In various places environmentalists have been targeted and murdered
  • There’s been an endless run of wildfires flooding and hurricanes  (I link to one news example for each but do a quick google search and you’ll see how pervasive of a problem these have been)

So that’s some of it.

Of course, this is only a partial list! Way more has happened than has been listed here!

But I think it’s clear that the need to address environmental concerns remains. In fact, I would argue, the need has intensified.

So here’s the culminating message of this blog post:


 We need to get on this, use all our skills and talents, channel them and throw them into the ring.

Choose hope and just do it.

Pull on whatever string you’ve got. Just pull it.

We have more influence than we think. Big or small acts, they all ripple outward.

Speak it, dance it, sing it, laugh it, teach it, play it, design it, donate it, make it, help it, connect it, study it…

Even if you just whisper it...

A hopeful act will impact somewhere, for one or for many.
Whatever it is for you, claim it and aim it towards fixing the mess we’ve made.

And so, my little Green blog is a hat tossing itself into the air. My little Green blog is a song.

My gift is the power of the word...

Figure out what yours is and let it loose.

PS Having lost Bitstrips I'm trying out some different comic apps just for fun

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